SANCUSO delivers consistent coverage against CINV31

  • Avoids the peak-trough fluctuations in blood levels seen with daily oral granisetron32


Bioavailability of SANCUSO Patch vs Daily Oral Granisetron 2 mg Dosing32

Bioavailability of Sancuso (Granisetron Transdermal System) patch vs daily oral granisetron 2 mg dosing

A Phase I pharmacokinetic study enrolled 12 healthy male Caucasian subjects who were randomly assigned to a sequence of treatments, including oral granisetron (2 mg) for five days and the 52 cm2 patch (34.3 mg granisetron) for 5 days.32


  • The SANCUSO patch delivers consistent, predictable levels maintained throughout 5 days32
  • Smoother daily PK levels vs daily variability with oral granisetron32
  • Maintains steady control, even through hours 25 to 12032
  • The most common adverse event in patients receiving SANCUSO is constipation (5.4%)1


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